Will you become a Wiring electrician at De Gilde Groep? You will then mainly work in a covered workshop building a panel, control box or energy distributor for industry, infrastructure technology and shipbuilding.


Your duties

  • You build switchboards, distribution systems and security panels on the basis of technical drawings;
  • you are able to convert panels, control cabinets and energy distributors on the basis of drawings;


What do we ask of you?

  • you have at least a training in VBO, MEP or MBI (or comparable);
  • you have experience in new and conversion of panels;
  • you are familiar with coding and processing sketches, drawings and diagrams;
  • you can test, measure and locate faults;
  • you are able to work accurately and precisely;
  • experience with building consoles for shipbuilding is a plus.

If you do not fully meet the above requirements, but the vacancy does appeal to you, call or email us and we will look at the possibilities together.


What do we offer

Because De Gilde Groep has an extensive network at home and abroad, we are able to offer you a tailor-made project. If you prefer to work on building industrial panels, that is possible. If you prefer to make a jump to building lecterns (shipbuilding), we will take that step together with you. We offer a competitive salary. We can offer you a nice workplace in the Netherlands and make you feel at home in our country.