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Every day we work with passion at projects in construction and electrical engineering successful and predictable.
De Gilde Groep combines its own proven effective approach with the deployment of professionals.
Your desired result is our challenge.

De Gilde Groep. Masters of craftmanship.


The management of De Gilde Groep has been active in personnel placement within the market segments of concrete construction and electrical engineering since 1993.

The management Team is headed bij Dennis Ender (Managing Director) and is further formed by: Benjamin Lindhout responsible for Finance and
Daphne Reij responsible for Back Office.

Owners are Eric Visser en Erwin Altena.

We are an enthusiastic and close-knit team. Every day, all our activities are aimed at being the best partner for the realization of projects with the help of professionals.



The market is constantly changing and corporate responsibility plays an increasingly important role in this. De Gilde Group subscribes to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and distinguishes itself by its integrated approach and bringing CSR to the attention of its (potential) clients.

De Gilde Group is of the opinion that CSR is something that should be done within an organization based on the core values ​​within an organization, obtaining a certificate should not be the goal. That is why De Gilde Groep as an organization has chosen to draw up a Self-Declaration NEN-ISO 26000.

NEN-ISO 26000 is a guideline for social responsibility of organizations, drawn up by the NEN standards committee for CSR. With the help of this practical guideline, an organization can voluntarily render account for the way in which it fulfills its social responsibility, how NEN-ISO 26000 is applied and what the results are.

Based on the practice guideline, De Gilde Groep has investigated to what extent its existing working method is in accordance with the recommendations of the NEN-ISO 26000 standard. From there, in addition to a reference matrix and priority table, the Self-Declaration NEN-ISPO 26000: 2010 was ultimately drawn up. It is reassessed annually.


Activities in the context of CSR

We have identified the following focus points:

  • VCU certification in accordance with standard version 2011/05
  • Membership trade association NBBU
  • Membership Bouwend Nederland
  • Quality mark Stichting Normering Flexwonen (quality mark for housing labor migrants)
  • Mapping gas, water and light housing consumption (seasonal)
  • Deployment of people with a distance from the labor market (Social Return)
  • Signing the Governance Code Safety in Construction
  • Participation at www.duurzameleverancier.nl / registration CO² Footprint
  • Using sheltered workshops for outsourcing internal supplies
  • Investments in courses and training (such as VCA and BedrijfsHulpVerlening)

Results already achieved
Several successful projects have been taken up in recent years:

  • Attention to ergonomics in the workplace
  • Fleet expanded with A-label cars
  • Realization objective in the context of VCU
  • Extensive internal safety instruction (part of this is construction law)
  • Monthly toolboxes based on current risks in the workplace
  • Electric tools with extraction

Our focus points
We have drawn up the following points for attention:

  • Expand social dialogue with stakeholders
  • Participation in meetings with clients regarding safety
  • Expanding the deployment of Social Return employees / discussions with unicipalities
  • Expanding the training offer

CO² reduction

The Gilde Group is affiliated with the platform: duurzameleverancier.nl

This is a platform for organizations that invest in sustainability. The initiative supports suppliers in setting up sustainable business operations and clients in finding sustainable suppliers.

De Gilde Groep is currently scanning the current emissions. A CO² reduction plan will be drawn up on the basis of these key figures.


Safety - Policy statement SHWE

The management of De Gilde Groep is aware of its responsibility with regard to the care for Safety, Health, Welfare and Environment (SHWE).

Creating and maintaining safe and environmentally responsible working conditions are important objectives in our organization and an integral part of the general company policy. The HSE policy aims to prevent personal injury, fires, damage and exposure to hazardous substances, as well as to limit negative effects on the environment as much as possible. In addition, in the event of (partial) incapacity for work after, for example, an accident or occupational illness, suitable work will be sought within the organization in consultation with the Occupational Health and Safety Service and other experts.

To the best of our ability, we will act in our organization in such a way that the Safety, Health, Welfare and Environment towards our employees, temporary employees, hirers, clients, visitors and other stakeholders is guaranteed and they are not exposed to unacceptable risks , discrimination, intimidation and violence. When employees are placed, clear agreements are made with the client to respect safety rules.

Strict compliance with government regulations will be ensured and continuous improvement will be pursued in the areas of Safety, Health, Welfare and Environment. If changing laws and standards, changes in the field of Safety, Health, Welfare and the Environment give cause to do so, the policy will be tightened. Adjustment will also take place if internal developments give cause to do so.

Everyone within the company is informed and kept informed of rules and agreements with regard to HSE. This is the individual and collective responsibility of all employees. The management will keep itself informed of the development and compliance with this policy through regular and structured consultation.

Based on experience gained, the policy of De Gilde Groep is reassessed at least once a year and adjusted if necessary.