De Gilde Groep works sustainably

We owe it to our planet and to future generations to think more carefully about the reuse of materials, CO2 reduction and circular construction. After all, construction and infrastructure are responsible for no less than 30 percent of all waste and 45 percent of the use of raw materials worldwide.

The Gilde Group is working hard to significantly reduce its footprint.

Working CO2 neutral

The Gilde Group prefers to house employees as close as possible to projects in order to keep the travel distance to a minimum. This housing is also CO2 neutral. These are fully circular homes that can easily be disassembled in order to be rebuilt in another location. The housing is completely energy neutral due to the use of heat pumps and low temperature heating, solar panels, an air heating installation and an extremely low EPC.

The professionals of De Gilde Groep travel with electric transport to and from projects. The Gilde Group also compensates the CO2 emissions of the trips that employees make from their home country to the Netherlands and vice versa.

Once at work, our professionals carry out their work with electric tools that are charged on location by means of solar panels.