Shipyard Electrician 

Ships nowadays are becoming bigger, more luxurious and more beautiful. Ever more electronics are needed, which has to be accommodated in the small spaces of a ship. A great deal of cabling must be hidden behind the walls and connected to the panels. After all, the cables must not be visible, which requires very precise work.

The cables are heavy and the spaces are small. The job is demanding, but the satisfaction of seeing a good result at the end of the day and finally seeing the ship sail away makes up for everything.
You get started with your team and finish only when the electronics have been properly connected. The project is yours and together we make it a success!

We are looking for electricians who are able to work with others, communicate well and work from diagrams. Would you like to learn how? Then, too, you are most welcome.

What we offer:

  • An excellent salary in line with EU standards
  • Growth opportunities to realise your ambitions
  • A modern accommodation with private bedroom
  • High-quality workwear and personal protective equipment
  • A fixed contact throughout the project
  • Weekly payment

De Gilde Groep has an extensive network distributed throughout the country. This enables us to offer you tailored projects. We consult with you and discuss which shipbuilding project best suits your preferences and ambitions.

We make sure you feel at home!

Your duties

Your duties are diverse and depend on your knowledge and experience. We are looking for electricians who can work from diagrams. You work in a team on a ship. The diagrams are discussed and everyone is assigned a role. You help one another and together ensure a perfect finish

It is important that you are motivated and able to work with great precision. In all projects, we work on the basis of diagrams. The ability to read diagrams is therefore important.

What we ask of you

  • An educational background in electrical engineering
  • Experience in electrical engineering
  • You have a high regard for safety

If you do not fully meet the above requirements but you are nevertheless interested in this vacancy, give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities together.

Working safely is of great importance to us, which is why we want everyone to be in possession of a VCA certificate. If you do not yet have one, we offer you the opportunity to obtain one through us.